A Fun, Fast, Furious Fitness Increasing, Interactive,  Fast paced Sport where International recognition and South African National & Provincial Colours can be achieved.......




What is Ice Hockey?


It is the FASTEST team sport in the world with almost 2 million players both male & female of all ages participating.....its a sport built on teamwork, discipline and speed, from the moment a player steps on the ice, they will begin to learn skills of the game - all whilst getting fit an having fun.

A sport that's great to watch, you can often live stream matches if our National Teams Are playing overseas.  Otherwise utilize youtube

WHY Play Ice Hockey   .... Its COOL!   Ice Hockey is a COOL Sport! Children and Adults can enjoy the opportunity to play an Exciting Sport with a whole set of new and different skills to learn.Its is a Team Sport....   Nothing is better than being part of a team. Ice Hockey players make friends while learning about teamwork, trust and responsibility - qualities that will last a lifetime.

A Family Culture.........



FUN, FAST and Furious ........Ice Hockey is a fantastic sport to watch, with many opportunities to meet new people and make lifelong friends. The whole family can enjoy this sport together whether watching or playing. 

 Where is the VIPERS Ice Hockey Club?